"It is so wonderful spending time with you. Your wisdom is precious and so right on. What a gift you are. Thank you for everything."

Goldie Hawn

"I cannot tell you how impressed I am with Akcelina's knowledge, techniques and style. We recently went on a family holiday to india with our two and a half year old twins and after Akcelina's advice on what supplements to take and following through her recommendations we returned home with not one single bout of Delhi belly or indeed any other illness.

For me on a personal note I found that in just one session Akcelina made me take control of my biggest eating nemesis - crisps! I used to eat them daily - sometimes several times a day, but ever since Akcelina did a hypnotherapy session with me, I can now enjoy them occasionally but I never obsessively turn to them anymore. Hurrah!

It is the combination of her wealth of knowledge of natural remedies and her very gentle, sensitive manner that makes Akcelina such a pleasure to turn to - especially if you are feeling unwell and vulnerable".

Gurinder Chadha, Director of "Bend it like Beckham"

"I have known Akcelina for a number of years during which she has gained an incredible knowledge on how to deal with the body’s requirements to have a healthy mind, body and spirit in the most natural and beneficial way. I recommend her to my friends and acquaintances without hesitation!"

HRH The Sultanah of Pahang

"Over the last 5 years Akcelina’s been prescribing top supplements to keep my stamina and immune system charged during my hectic fundraising trips and political campaigns. She really understands the dynamic pace of my lifestyle and how to support my body’s needs. She is very knowledgeable and I recommend her highly."

Imran Khan Cricketer-turned-Politician

"I have worked with Akcelina for the last couple of years. When we first met I was a divorced, somewhat unhealthy, overweight banker. I had reached a point in my life where I was looking to focus on trying to find some meaningful equilibrium. Part of this process involved getting fit, losing weight and challenging myself. In 2008, I decided to enter the etape, a section of the Tour de France which is open for amateurs. The course is around 170km and involves 2500metres of climbing. I thought it a good motivation to raise money for a charity called skip, supporting kids in Peru.

Akcelina was conspicuous by the amount of preparation she did to understand my challenge and me as a person: what were my personal issues, why I was looking to take on this challenge. She did this with her typical charm and keen intellect. I felt completely at ease discussing the more personal aspects of my character and life.

Over a period of months Akcelina helped me maintain a disciplined focus on my goal and prior to the event we worked closely together so that on event day I was mentally and emotionally prepared to give my best. I finished the race, unlike nearly a third of the other riders who either abandoned the course or were swept off by the time keeper.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that without Akcelina’s support and counselling I would not have finished the event.

Personally and professionally, Akcelina is a woman of great integrity and substance who is truly dedicated to her work and her clients."

Paul Kozary – Investment Banker

"I just wanted to let you know how my physical health has drastically improved in the short space of time since I’ve been seeing you (1 month - 2 sessions).

I have suffered with interstitial cystitis for about 2 years. I was at the end of my tether. The numerous tests that doctors had put me through and the courses of antibiotics had only further destroyed my body.

By talking to me, by evaluating the detailed nutritional questionnaire and from my food diary, you were able to advise me on how to change my diet, which high quality supplements to take to improve my condition as well as suggest lifestyle changes that would also help. Within a couple of weeks of following your advice, I saw improvements. Your nutritious recipes for my recovery have been invaluable and are delicious and simple to make.

It is your holistic approach, helping the body to heal on a physical and emotional level that is helping me to permanently heal. As a positive "side effect" my sinuses have also cleared and my skin has noticeably improved. It is evident that you know your subject in great detail, and that you genuinely care about my recovery. This has been shown through your ongoing support between sessions. It is noticeable that you are very thorough in your approach and do a lot of preparation work before and after our sessions.

I feel so uplifted after seeing you. I am truly grateful to you Akcelina for all you have done for me."

Nita Saini – Project Manager

I have been consulting Akcelina for almost a year regarding high cholesterol, hypertension and weight loss. She has quite simply changed my lifestyle and my life. She has a most cheerful and constructive manner, an intense personal interest and a wide knowledge of nutrition. She applies this in a forthright manner to best effect. Her holistic approach to lifestyle is absolutely compelling and is based on fact and sound principles which it is impossible to ignore. Apart from that she makes you feel a great deal better and I commend her fulsomely.

John English – Property Developer

I began seeing Akcelina in August 2006. I have had cancer and wanted to consult a nutritional therapist who would work with the medication I have to take. She did a great deal of research on my case and her knowledge of her subject was very impressive. She is very approachable, compassionate and understanding of the difficulties of not always being able to change everything in one's life at once. Everything she has suggested has been very helpful and I am feeling much better for it. Her follow up notes after every consultation are invaluable. I highly recommend her.

Catherine Zeller – Barrister

I’ve been fighting a losing battle with my weight for years, until I met Akcelina. She took the frustration, guilt and deprivation out of weight management and taught me small steps that made a big difference. The thing I really liked about her approach was her flexibility in devising a programme that followed the hectic pace of my lifestyle.

Joanne Collins – Project Manager

I’m a 45 year old woman who looks 10 years younger thanks to your excellent holistic care. I don’t only look it – I feel great too! As a result of your dedicated and thorough approach I’m also free from aches and pains and bursting with energy. Your anti-aging tips are second to none. Thanks a million Akcelina!

Daria Brown – Recruitment Consultant

It takes a lot for a British bloke to admit he has a problem and see a shrink. I lacked confidence and motivation. When a colleague resigned and I had to give a presentation on his behalf I knew I had to get professional help. Akcelina was able to help me with all three problems. Within one session I was feeling more confident, motivated and positive. But her work really stood the test on the day of the presentation. I felt calm, collected and confident. Thanks Akcelina.

Alex Knight - IT Consultant

I have a stressful job which involves a high degree of responsibility and risk taking. Consequently I felt “wired and tired” on most days and suffered from insomnia. I have greatly benefited from sessions with Akcelina. She taught me some effective stress management techniques, recommended useful remedies and implemented positive changes on the subliminal level with hypnotherapy. I now sleep much better and feel more energised.

Neil Thomas – Investment Banker

I was so glad to have attended Akcelina’s talk on “Christmas Survival Guide” in London in December 2009. It was so refreshing to get practical tips on healthy choices during the festive season. I was still able to indulge but didn’t gain the bulge thanks to Akcelina’s helpful recommendations.

Mary Brown – Events Organiser

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