1. Think of a thought/aspect that is making you anxious. Now, rate your anxiety level on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest - SUD reading and write it down. This is important, because in a moment you'll see how far you've reduced it. You must continue to think that same thought throughout the sequence that follows in order to reduce the anxiety.
  2. Take your whole hand and tap about 10 times under the eye (on the bony orbit - about an inch below the eyeball).
  3. Keep thinking the same thought and tap 10 times under your arm (4 inches under the armpit - level with the middle of bra strap for women and nipple for men).
  4. Now tap 10 times at the start of the collarbone point (an inch below the collarbone notch).
  5. Now take the second SUD reading and write it down. If your anxiety level has decreased by two points or more, proceed with the Gamut sequence - steps 7-13. If there is no change, tap 15 times the karate point (on the outer edge of either hand between the wrist and the base of the little finger).
  6. Place the hand in front of you and tap on the back of it at the point of a little groove, between the knuckles of the ring finger and the little finger- the gamut point. Now perform the Gamut sequence - steps 7-13. Continue tapping the gamut point whilst thinking about the same thought/situation throughout.
  7. Close your eyes, and then open them.
  8. With your eyes only, (don't move your head) look down to the right, back to centre and then down to the left, back to centre.
  9. Roll your eyes round 360 degrees clockwise, then 360 degrees anti-clockwise (eyes only)
  10. Now hum aloud the first few lines of "Happy Birthday"
  11. Now count aloud 1 to 5. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  12. Once again hum aloud the first few lines of the tune
  13. Stop and check on a scale from 1 to 10, how much has your anxiety level reduced to?
  14. If the feeling hasn't completely gone yet, simply go back through the entire sequence again until it does. It may take several times before you have completely dissipated anxiety and taken the emotional charge out of the body.
  15. When the level of anxiety has gone down to a one or zero perform the floor-to-ceiling eye roll - hold your head still and move your eyes (only) down to look at the floor and then move eyes upwards to the ceiling while continuing to tap the gamut point.
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